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CLICK Corporate Development Report (2 Mar 2020)

CLICK Corporate Development Report (2 Mar 2020)


1. A Private Equity Management Company, which licensed and regulated by the Securities Commission of Malaysia has subscribed 26.7% of CLICK's shares that preparing to be listed in USA. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) has signed between the founder of CLICK, Dr Darren Tan and the Chairman of the PEMC, witnessed by the Corporate Listing Advisor, Mr. Leong. This subscription has contributed more funds and a strong foundation was being built. This has led us to make an exciting progress to be listed in NASDAQ.

2. The venture of the PEMC has officially launched the Series C investment plan. The company has a professional investment team that endeavors to use its strategic, operational and financial experience to discover the company’s value and its profits. Hence this will spark even greater venture capitalist to join. The company is progressively conducting the listing process and expected to be  successfully submitted for listing application by end of this year. 

3. The Series C investment plan capital is legally protected. All funds are managed by the PEMC and governed by Bank Negara. This is to ensure the safety in preserving the capital and to enjoy the multiplier returns upon listed. 

4. With the strong support from the PEMC and the unconditional efforts from the company management and staffs, as well as the trust and supports from the shareholders all over the countries, the company will continue to create a higher value and strive to be successfully listed on Nasdaq.


1. It took nearly a year of preparation, Z-City has officially launched with the approval from all relevant legal compliances in China. At the same time, Z-City Malaysia’s Agency System has also officially launched and activated. Z-City is divided into three major structures, which is Agent, Merchant and User. The benefits of agent and business growth opportunities are unique and innovative. The breakthrough of cross-border revenue for merchants and the economy boosted by the users has made the platform worth billions of value.

2. In Malaysia, Z-City is supported by the local third-party payment gateway (iPay88, similar as Huifu Ltd, China) to align with Malaysia’s e-wallet Unicode technology. Z-City has become the first in Malaysia who introducing this technology.

3. Z-City has received a tremendous welcome & response from the guests during the Z-City official launching day. Through Z-City application, it will bring us an infinite business opportunities and business growth, which everyone may create and share the profit together! The limited Agent application forms was fully grabbed and subscribed within 20 minutes by the guests during the launching day. It’s amazing!

EVOLET VISA Prepaid Card Remittance App

(Australian Listed Company Project)

1. The EVOLET Remittance App has been officially launched, and has gained the recognition of foreign business partners in the market. The App feature was being demonstrated during the launch. An amount was being transferred from Malaysia to a partner’s account in Japan within a second. The cash was immediately withdraw from the cash withdrawal machine for shopping! EVOLET is one of the key project of the company. Millions of active foreign workers in the market is expected to generate millions of monthly revenue to the company.

2. EVOLET is a mobile app that provides functions such as VISA prepaid card deposits, cross-border remittances, mobile prepaid reload, and living bill payment. It mainly focusing on the pain points of foreign workers in Malaysia. The foreign labour market is expected to bring huge income and cash flow to the company and bring unlimited corporate value to be listed on the Australian Main Board!

EVO Equity Investment Smart Contract

1. EVO will be introducing a smart contract use and manage by the blockchain technology. It is best to used for private equity investment. The smart contract is fast and transparent. It could prevent any illegal documents or tampering of contract. And now, the investors can invest in GPS Alliance Holdings Limited (Australian Main Board listed company) through EVO.

2. Smart contracts solve the pain points of traditional investment, avoid the tedious and complicated procedures, it can also reduced the human involvement such as the cost of appointing professional lawyer. Smart contract is safe and could prevent the possibility of tampering of the contract. In addition ,  it can help to ensure the investor to receive the investment dividend on time, flexible in withdrawal and transfer of the equity etc.

3. The project by using EVO smart contract integrated with the blockchain technology – named as GENE, which generates the daily income and profit sharing income. This has made the equity investment is more convenient and secured.

The end of report.

CEO Secretary
2nd March 2020

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